End of an era: Dari-Barn closes doors after 55 years

After 55 years of serving milkshakes, hamburgers, hot dog baskets and tater tots, a local hot spot for students and faculty of UVa-Wise is closing its doors.

Annette’s Dari-Barn has been a staple food joint for students for years and many people among the college community are sad to see it go.

Any eatery with as many years under its belt as Annette’s has to have some interesting stories, which is exactly what some of the faculty, staff, and students at the college want to remember it by.

After 55 years serving customers in Wise, Annette's Dari-Barn announced it would be closing its doors in August 2018.
After 55 years serving customers in Wise, Annette’s Dari-Barn announced it would be closing its doors in August 2018.

Communication studies instructor Mike Still said that back when he went to UVa-Wise, then Clinch Valley College, “On those times in my college career when I had too much fun on the weekend, a Dari-Barn plate of fried mushrooms and a peanut butter shake brought me back to life.”  He also said that the park bench has been sitting inside ever since he was in college.

Still said “Back in the day they used to have these great cream pies that went well with the tots and dogs.”

Southwest Virginia native George Saado said, “I remember going to Dari-Barn after youth soccer practice with my teammates almost every week.  I’m still convinced that their dreamsicle shakes are the key to happiness.”

Their dreamsicle and peanut butter shakes were the favorites to locals, but as UVa-Wise sophomore Hannah Baker said, “everything I ever tried there was amazing.”

Dari-Barn’s closure marks the end of an era for the locals and students at UVa-Wise and will be missed.

The only other question on everyone’s mind is what business will take its place as the hot spot with good food and a fun atmosphere.

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