Thank you … and be careful where you park

As this semester begins, I’ve realized a few simple but significant things about my college career as a whole.

First, I have so many people to thank.  Throughout these three years I’ve met people who shared the same moral and political views and then those who didn’t.  Thank you to those people who stuck to their beliefs and encouraged me to keep an open mind. 

Thank you to the faculty and staff who genuinely wanted to get to know me and have encouraged me along the way.

Hannah Mullins
Hannah Mullins

Thank you to campus police for always making my day a little brighter with a ticket sitting in my windshield. Sidenote: personalized tags are a death wish if you park in your professor’s designated space.

Thank you to The Highland Cavalier staff for always being reliable and never failing to challenge me with your witty banter.  Deadlines and layout can be frustrating, but in the infamous words of Mike Still, “we bad.”

Also, thank you to my friends and family who heard the words “I can’t do this” multiple times a day but always pushed me to keep going.

Second, utilize the open door policy of your professors because I promise they will tell you to take a time machine back to the second week of class if you come in the day before the final exam and ask why your grade is subpar.

Also, Wikipedia is not, I repeat not, a reliable source.  Your professors were not born yesterday, but not in the Stone Age either despite popular belief.

Third, if you aren’t doing what you love, it’s not worth it.  One of the most intriguing things about UVa-Wise is that it’s a liberal arts college, so I had what felt like an unlimited amount of choices to major in.  Once I chose my current major, everything just clicked.

Even though I am challenged daily, I love every second of it.  If you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, or more importantly if you’re still using Quizlet for homework assignments, my advice is to find something you enjoy instead.

Also, The Highland Cavalier is a great outlet for getting your opinions out there on the editorial page or just being involved in something fast paced and rewarding on campus.

Our monthly editions have been quite successful so next time you see a paper laying on your table at Books and Brew, pick it up and give it a look.  Obviously, you’re off to a good start if you’re reading this.

Fourth, I’ve learned that this small quaint college town in the middle of the mountains is exactly where I want to give back.  I couldn’t imagine teaching in any area other than where my education was founded.  Giving back to this community is essential for its growth, and I have so much to be thankful for because of it.

Underclassmen, I challenge you to find what you love and don’t stop until you reach the finish line. Also, do not fall into peer pressure and believe that a hotdog is a sandwich like my predecessors last year. Fellow seniors, I challenge you to finish strong, celebrate the successes, and then give back where it’s needed.

Finally, if you find employment before I do, help a girl out.

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