Parking decal fees hiked

As the fall semester approaches, UVa-Wise faculty and students may notice a change when buying parking decals – a $10 increase in decal fees.

Each year, students and faculty must pay a certain rate for the parking decals. This year, those rates increased July 1 to a fixed price of $90 for students and an extra $10 for faculty as well; as faculty’s rates are income based.

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Sim Ewing said that a reason for this year’s increase is the cost of parking lot maintenance must come from user fees, and cannot come from state funds.

The parking fees were implemented eight years ago to create a fund for parking lot management. Before that, parking lot maintenance was paid for only when extra funds were made available.

There are no state funds open to the development and maintenance of parking lots at UVa-Wise.

According to Ewing, the last parking decal increase was four years ago.

“Inflation drives up, demand drives up the cost, so it was time to do it again.” Ewing said.

Though the prices of parking decals have increased, Ewing said the cost is not as high as elsewhere in the state.

“Our parking fee is still lower than all the other four-year schools in Virginia, except one, and by significant amounts.” Ewing said.

Secretary for Campus Police, Diane Thacker, provided parking decal sales as of Aug 14 – 325 faculty, 79 Junior-Senior residential, 182 freshman-sophomore residential, and 348 commuter decals.

Thacker said that the commuter sales will likely increase on the first day of class.

While the price for parking decals were increased, the fines for parking violations were not affected, and still remain the same as last year.

Parking violations can be avoided by parking in the correct designated areas, as there are specific lots for faculty and specific lots for students.

The faculty lots include Zehmer Hall- Until after 7 pm, College Relations, McCraray Hall, Resource Center, Center for Teaching Excellence, and upper campus- first lot on the left.

Commuter lots include the gravel lot behind McCraray, softball lot, Greear gym (white lines), pool/tennis lot, and the upper campus lot.

Residential freshman and sophomore lots are upper campus lot, football stadium’s upper lot, and the softball lot.

Residential Junior and senior lots are the Culberson gravel lot, Martha Randolph Hall, McCraray gravel lot, and the softball lot.

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