Spend a couple of weeks playing “Fortnite”

Fortnite is rapidly taking over America.

When I say rapidly taking over America, I mean I do not think there is another game people are playing right now.

Let me explain. Fortnite, specifically the “Battle Royale” game mode which is free to play, is a game in which the player, either in a solo, duo, or squad, drops into a map unarmed except for an axe. Players then search the map for weapons, bandages, med kits, and armor among other things.

After supplying yourself fittingly, really the only goal is to survive. The only problem is that there are 99 other players trying to end you. At the same time, there is a storm that forms and forces players into each other on the map, making survival that much harder.

Now that I have discussed the basics, let’s get into the underlying reason for Fortnite’s success. There used to be a time when Call of Duty ruled the lives of gamers who enjoyed playing with their friends. However, something about the game has just gotten old. Fortnite is exciting and winning is more rewarding.

In an average game of Call of Duty, once a player dies, they can respawn. But after a death in Fortnite, that’s the game. You must start all over. Naturally, this places much significance on winning.

Moreover, Fortnite allows friends who used to play Call of Duty the chance to revamp their gaming friendship. The game is also a great way to make new friends. There is something of a bond between squad members whether it be because your teammate sacrificed themselves to give you a win or if they simply revived you after taking shots from W 285.

Coworkers are going home from work and gaming together. Athletes and rappers are playing with professional gamers. Multiple athletes have come forward saying the game has taken control of their life. Never have I seen a game that so encapsulates nearly everyone who plays it.

Personally, my favorite part of the whole situation is the memes and internet popularity that has stemmed from the game. Significant others’ reactions to their partners playing Fortnite are particularly hilarious. Not to mention the wonderful videos of people unplugging the gaming console right as someone is about to win the game; this is the sort of animosity that destroys friendships.

Ultimately, however, Fortnite is a harmless game that provides large amounts of entertainment for people of all ages. There should be an age limit on who can play the game because I do not think that children need to play the game. I believe that kids should spend most of their time playing outside or doing something productive during their adolescent development.

Despite both the negative and positive things you can say about Fortnite, everyone should give the game a shot because it is a great way to spend some time being stress free and enjoying time with friends. So, if you are bored on any given day, just download Fortnite and join the masses of video game playing zombies.

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