Another View: Greek life and gender roles

Some people may not even know they can be affiliated with a sorority or fraternity without being a member of the organization. What does that mean? Well, fraternities have lavaliers and sweethearts and from the information given most sororities have sweethearts. Organizations have meaning behind the individuals in their own way.

Lavaliers within fraternities are someone who one of their brothers has strong feelings for. Their sweethearts are people who help within the organization but they are girls so they are not members. This is the fraternity’s way of showing their appreciation to that individual. Sororities have sweethearts that help out within their organizations.

This tradition has been going on for years it is just up to the fraternity or sorority as to if they choose to carry the tradition.

In both fraternities and sororities these individuals are allowed to participate in every event the organization holds as well as helping promote them. They are just not considered members.

This may not seem appealing to some people because it is like a tease of being in the organization but not quite making it. However, it gives those of the opposite gender a chance to get involved with an organization.

This brought up a new discussion of should Greek organizations be co-ed?

From the majority opinion most people are against this idea. Comments such as “there would be less disclosure” or “I wouldn’t feel as comfortable” were made when the question was asked. Some even think that may impact the amount of people they get to join their organization.

There is also the thought that it would defeat the purpose of it being a fraternity (guys only) and sorority (girls only).

There is another point of view of this argument. That if fraternities and sororities did open their doors and decide to go co-ed they would gain more interest and lose the sexest view that they may portray.

Greek life is continually changing but somethings are left best as tradition.

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