New clinic slated for UVa-Wise : Facility will provide telemedicine links to UVA Medical Center, training opportunity for campus nursing students

WISE- The existing healthcare center at UVa-Wise will see a complete overhaul which is suspected to be completed as early as June.

Though the Cantrell Hall location of the clinic will not be changed, the clinic will be upgraded with the aid of $273,000 from University of Virginia to support telemedicine as well as telehealth care. The upgrade will also continue to support the presence of a full time nurse and a nurse practitioner.

The current nurse practitioner is only available on Mondays, but with the changes to the healthcare center, a nurse practitioner will be available five days a week.

The nurse practitioner and nurse would have access to the telehealthcare from University of Virginia Medical Center. The nurse practitioner and nurse would also receive oversight from doctors through this telehealthcare.

The updated clinic will continue it’s professional relationship with Norton Community Hospital by sending students, staff, and faculty to Norton Community Hospital for laboratory tests and referrals.

The clinic would also be a learning opportunity for current nursing students. Current nursing students will be allowed, with nurse oversight, to practice their skills on patients.

Staff with insurance through the college will not have a copay when receiving services from the new healthcare clinic.

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