Thefts at Arts, Science centers still under investigation

UVa-Wise police are investigating a series of thefts at the Gilliam Center for the Arts and Sandridge Science Center that occurred on Jan. 18 and 19.

According to campus police reports, Corporal Jeremy Price received two calls from the Wise County Sheriff’s dispatcher on Jan. 18 regarding reports of stolen items.

Student Rebecca Bays told Price that she had left her backpack and purse unattended by a chair in the Gilliam Center lobby while she left to make copies. She said that
she came back to find her purse missing.

Bays told Price that the purse was valued at $200 and contained her wallet, a small amount of cash, some jewelry and Apple earbuds.

Price also responded to the Science Center, where student Spencer Stockard said he had left his backpack on a cart outside a lab because room procedures prohibited bringing in the bottled water in his pack. Stockard said he found his wallet, containing a debit card and Cavs Card and a set of Samsung earbuds, missing from his pack.

Price, in his report, wrote that video camera recordings from both sites should be reviewed by campus police Sergeant Beau Boggs. Campus Police Patrolman Jeremy Fleming on Jan. 19 reported to the Science Center to investigate a complaint by student David Goodman.

Goodman told Fleming that he had left his backpack containing a Surface Pro tablet unattended on a table outside a classroom. He returned to find the tablet, valued at $900, missing.

Campus Police Sergeant Mickel Mullins said that the suspects are not students. Campus Police Chief Ronnie Shortt said that charges have not yet been filed but that prosecutors would seek indictments when the Wise County grand jury convenes Feb. 21. All items except the cash have been returned to the victims.

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