Chancellor Henry’s Canine Companions

During such a stressful time here at Uva-Wise, students sometimes need something to get their minds off of the looming papers and exams they haven’t quite finished yet.

Fortunately, Goldie and Bailey, Chancellor Donna Henry and her family’s two adorable dogs, are here to help with their sweet doggy breath and loving kisses.  Many of us already know these infamous pups from their Instagram page @uva_wise_pups. Others, have certainly seen the two canines around campus.

Goldie is a beautiful and energetic seven-year-old Golden Doodle that loves to chase after the wildlife around the Chancellor’s home.  Goldie spends her days bugging her younger sister, Bailey, who is a six-year-old soft-coated Wheaten Terrier.

Just like many of us, Goldie and Bailey have a daily routine, however, their’s starts around 5:30 a.m. for their morning walk around campus.

“They really enjoy walking around the lake and meeting the students who pass by,” said Chancellor Henry.

After their morning walk, Goldie and Bailey have breakfast, which consists of cooked chicken and rice.  Bailey has stomach problems, so, “we have to be careful with what she eats,” Chancellor Henry added.

The Chancellor also explained that Goldie, on the other hand, is “supplemented with some regular dry dog food because she is bigger than Bailey.”  At 6 o’clock in the evening the pups have dinner. For the rest of the evening, they are “watchers.”

They sit in front of the window in the dining room and watch for walkers and cars to pass by.  Chancellor Henry explained that they aren’t really great watchdogs because the staff at the house have explained that when the family isn’t home, the dogs usually don’t even bark at people passing.

As previously mentioned, Goldie loves chasing the wildlife around her home, but don’t count Bailey out either.  Both of the dogs love chasing deer, rabbits and squirrels each morning, however, there is one particular creature that the pups just won’t acknowledge.

Chancellor Henry and her husband, Allen Henry, explained that about two weeks every year, there are a large group of turkeys that come around the house.  During this time, Goldie and Bailey stay on guard because, although they can hear the turkeys gobbling, “they are hidden from view in the forest.” The dogs will not go out in the front yard if the turkeys are around and they always seem scared, Chancellor Henry added.

When these sweet pups aren’t chasing wildlife and being watchdogs, however, they are usually being pampered at The Dog Spa in nearby Big Stone Gap, Va..  Since both dogs have hair instead of fur, they have to be groomed often.

Henry stated, “They would much rather be driving back home with us when we take them, but they seem to behave well.”

Other than being pampered, these pups live quite a normal life.  They love to sit with the family and watch television, and when they get tired, they like to go upstairs and wait on the family to join them.

Goldie and Bailey are also great at posing for pictures and keeping guests company.  So, next time you see these sweet dogs walking on campus, give them a little extra attention because they deserve it! Also, be sure to snag a picture with these Instagram celebrities.

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