Commentary: Top 5 anticipated games of 2015

All in all, 2014 was a pretty disappointing year for video games. Despite entering our second year into this current console generation, a great deal of high profile games were delayed into this year and the games that were released (“Destiny,” “Dragon Age: Inquisition and As­sassin’s Creed Unity”) felt like they were shipped way too early and were broken with clear parts of the game missing just to get it out of the door and shipped to consumers.

Hopefully, game developers chose wisely to delay games to this year and will get the extra time and care to ensure we are not paying $60 for busted games.

With that said, here are my five most anticipated games of this year.

1. “Batman: Arkham Knight” is the third entry in the extremely pop­ular and successful “Batman: Arkham” series. The “final” entry in the trilogy. Batman finds that all of his enemies are coming together with the singular goal of getting rid of the Bat once and for all. The game mechanics of the past two games were revolutionary and it is expected to be no different here. With a game that is stated to be five times larger than the previous entry, players can finally navigate the Batmobile. Pre­view videos have shown gorgeous visuals that will even make your new console or PC to suck some wind. It is expected to be released this June on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

2. “Rock Band 4” was just announced by developer Harmonix, and oh me, oh my, am I excited to have cumbersome, space taking and loud plastic instruments in my hands again. For many people, including my­self, “Rock Band” was the party game to play. Literally thousands of songs to choose from and a group experience like no other game before it, “Rock Band” perfected the music video game. It is due late this year.

3. “Just Cause 3” is sure to be a “do anything you can imagine” type of game. Want to stand on a jet 30,000 feet up in the air? Go for it. Want to attach an enemy to the back of a vehicle then drive through the jungle? Why not. Want to explore 400 square miles of jungle, mountains and cities? Sure you do, the reason for this? Just ‘cause.

4. “Mortal Kombat X” will be one of the more violent things ever created. Note that I said “things” instead of “games.” Those of us who know “Mortal Kombat” are well aware of the finishing maneuvers one can pull on an opponent after the victory, but the next generation graph­ics will probably go a step too far, not that the fine folks at NetherRealm Studios really care. You know what you are getting into. Just like the last Mortal Kombat game, this one looks to have the same fun, detailed gameplay that is easy to learn and difficult to master. The game is due in three weeks.

5. My fifth game is “Metal Gear Solid V.” The story of the Metal Gear Solid series is that of pure Anime, lets not delve into the impen­etrable. There are fans of the story, including myself, but when a pow­erpoint presentation cannot sufficiently explain the plot of only one of these games, you should probably come along for the ride. Anime non­sense aside, the game looks to be incredibly fun, beautiful and full of variety, something that a lot of major games are lacking now.

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