10 things I learned from living in Southwest Virginia

Living in Southwest Virginia for a semester has taught me many things about what it means to be an American. This is what I have learned while living in Wise:

1. Your body is able to eat chicken and fries every day – It may not particularly be great for your figure but it is delicious.

2. Snow days are fun, but snow weeks are not!

3. Southern hospitality is not a myth.

4. If you do not like sweet tea, you may be labeled ‘Un-American’ … lucky I am not American!

5. There is a shirt for every event.

6. People love an Australian accent, but are not very knowledgable in Australian trivia.

7. ‘Talking’ is not just the action of speaking, but a whole phase of a relationship.

8. It’s commonplace for a basketball game to turn into a sound and light show.

9. There is a distinct difference between Northern Virginia accents and Southern Virginia accents, and you better learn them fast before you accidentally insult someone!

10. People at UVa-Wise will notice that you are new to the college and question you about why you chose to come here!

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