UVa-Wise Greek organizations strive to maintain positive image

Greek life on some college campuses has been at the center of much controversy since a Rolling Stone article last year that told the story of a young woman from the University of Virginia who allegedly reported that she had been sexually assaulted during a fraternity event.

Since the story was published in November, sororities and fraternities at UVA have seen new regulations come from their national offices that would limit their interactions and, in some cases, their activity altogether.

The Greek organizations at UVa-Wise have not seen these regulations in their activity so far, said Mikaela Logan, assistant director of student activities and Greek life, and Nick Marshall, assistant director of intramurals, recreation and Greek life.

“The atmosphere on this campus is totally different than UVA,” said Marshall.

The students involved in Greek life on this campus try to avoid the stigma of partying a lot, according to Logan and Marshall.

“To me it’s a business,” said Marshall. “It’s like they’re running small businesses.”

The negative attention Greek Life has gotten on other campuses hasn’t had a negative impact in spring recruitment levels, which are actually higher than they were last year, according to Marshall and Logan.

“[The events and news from UVA have] made the Greek organizations better and stronger,” Logan said.

The increase in Title IX training has also helped the students involved in Greek life understand how to better avoid getting themselves in a bad situation, according to Marshall.

“On our small campus, everyone knows everyone, especially in organizations,” said Katelyn Cantrell, member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. “The Greek organizations unify to support one another as one.”

The presidents of Greek organizations came together last year and formed the Greek Community Council Board to assist in expanding a more positive image for Greek life on campus.

The board hopes to promote Greek unity, rather than separation, Logan said.

The Greek Community Council Board consists of the president of all Greek organizations and meets at the end of every month with one of their advisers.

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