Love: Spread it, don’t infect it

While Feb. 14 may be a day celebrating love, it is also known as International Condom Day. To coincide with this event, The Cen­ter for Student Development and the Student Development Advi­sory Board (SDAB) are sponsor­ing a Sexual Responsibility Day on Friday, Feb. 13. The program, designed to increase students’ knowledge about sexual health and to promote healthy choices, will be held in the student center atrium from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Director and Counselor of the Center for Student Development Rachel Rose said that it was im­portant for students to be well in­formed on sexually transmitted infections and the potential risks of unsafe sex.

“Increased knowledge leads to more informed decisions when it comes to students and their choic­es,” she said. “The Center for Stu­dent Development is dedicated to promoting positive choices and op­timal health and well-being of our campus community.”

She said students can come by the center for information about safe sex.

“Students can come and have their questions answered, receive brochures on a variety of topics, view our display boards and pick up free con­doms,” she said. “The campus nurse and counselors will be available for consultation.”

The Wise County Health Depart­ment provides services every Wednes­day within the Center for Student De­velopment. These services include family planning, birth control, gynaeco­logical exams and sexually transmitted infection testing. Fees are billed to the student’s insurance and appointments can be scheduled by calling 276-376-1005 or visiting the Center for Student Development located on the first floor of Cantrell Hall.

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