COMMENTARY: The grass isn’t always greener

A teacher asked her class what they didn’t like about UVa-Wise, why they would change it and how they would change this perceived problem. This task was easy for the class, who within 10 minutes had an exhaustive list of gripes. Needless to say, a whole class period was filled in.

As a college student, I have fallen prey to the “grass is always greener” mentality. Before college I couldn’t wait to get there, now at college I can’t wait to finish.

But if you stop and think about what you have right now, maybe we can all appreciate the moment of life we are in.

Sarah Douglass, a senior Spanish major and German minor, said that it was quite easy to look at what someone else has and complain that you don’t have it, instead of working for it.

“When it comes to our campus, I’ve noticed that a lot of students want a big college experience when they’ve applied and committed to a small college,” Douglass said. “Students tend to be more apathetic and unwilling to take advantage of the opportunities that we have at Wise that are unique to our campus.”

Douglass said that your college experience is what you make of it.

“When it comes to constantly longing to be at the next stage of our life, I think that is a trait that has been taught to us since we were little,” she said. “We spend all of our time prepping for the next stage in our lives, so we don’t bother to enjoy the present. It’s sad really.”

So join an organization oncampus, play a sport socially or sit next to a stranger at the cafeteria. Get involved and meet new people, because in years to come you will hopefully look back with fond memories and no regrets about your time at UVa-Wise.

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