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NEWS UPDATE: Psychiatric evaluation ordered for Hairston in gunman hoax case

13 Feb , 2013  

Posted: 2/13/13  9:29 p.m.  A federal judge has ordered a psychiatric evaluation for the UVa-Wise student accused of calling 911 with a fake report of a gunman on campus last month.

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FBI arrests UVa-Wise student in hoax

30 Jan , 2013  

Federal officials on Monday arrested the UVa-Wise student charged with phoning in a fake report of a gunman in Culbertson Hall on Jan. 23, saying he admitted doing so “to obtain some form of hero status” and to better his standing in another court case.

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UVa-Wise campus reacts to Wednesday lockdown

30 Jan , 2013  

The Highland Cavalier Staff reports College’s reaction to be reviewed UVa-Wise officials plan to review their response to last week’s gunman hoax to see how future incidents might be handled better, the school’s spokeswoman said.

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BREAKING NEWS: UVa-Wise sophomore arrested by FBI on federal charges in gunman hoax

24 Jan , 2013  

Updated: 1/28/13 12:40 p.m. Federal officials today arrested the student charged with phoning in a fake report of a gunman on the UVa-Wise campus last week.

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