Jimson Weed Hosts a Two Day Event with Poet Suzanne U. Rhodes

Jimson Weed will be hosting a two day event, with one being a virtual coffee night and the other day being a virtual lecture.

Jimson Weed’s coffee night will be held on April 13 at 8:30 p.m. This event will be an evening of “Poetry & Prose with Suzanne U. Rhodes.”

Along with getting to know Poet Rhodes, the night will also be a night of celebration. Jimson Weed will celebrate a few faculty members’ retirements and honor the Jimson Weed editors that are graduating this semester.

Writers and performers from the college and Jimson Weed’s contributors also will premier their original pieces of poetry and fiction.

Jimson Weed  will also be hosting a virtual lecture on April 14 from 1 p.m to 1:50 p.m.

Rhodes will be presenting her lecture on “Flying Yellow: The Poet’s Imperative and the Gift of Poetry.” During this talk, Rhodes, “will address the relation of inner experience to the external world and the gift of poetry for self-renewal in the face of dark times…”

This event is completely virtual, free of charge and an opportunity for students here at the college to earn a cultural credit activity.

For more information regarding these two events, look for the two flyers that should be posted around campus within the next week or so and feel free to contact Kathy Still, Communication Direct and College Spokesperson at (276)-376-1027.

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