UVA Wise Now Offers Free Tuition to Low-Income Virginia Residents

Students from lower-income families that want to pursue a college degree might not have the financial support that they need to do so. But now at UVA Wise they can thanks to the Within Reach program

The program is designed for those that feel like a 4-year education is out of their reach due to finances. The Within Reach program will be providing free tuition and fees due for qualified students whose parents make $40,000 or less per year.

The program will take effect in fall 2020 which will be applied to incoming freshmen, transfer, and even current students that meet the criteria.

It will provide an opportunity for more students in Virginia to experience a nationally-ranked public arts institution.

“We have had great conversations with students and families that thought they could only afford their local community colleges.” UVA Wise Vice-Chancellor for Enrollment Management Chris Dearth said. “It aligns wonderfully with our mission to provide a quality higher education experience for Southwest Virginia.”

The college has been promoting the Within Reach program all across Virginia.

The goal for Dearth is to focus on helping students get to the finish line at UVA Wise and earn their degree.

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