UVa-Wise research blitz hits March 1

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise will hold its Spring Research Blitz on March 1 in the Sandridge Science Center.

Spring Research Blitz will feature nine five-minute presentations from UVa-Wise students across several majors. The students will be presenting original research that was overseen by an academic mentor.

One of the objectives for this event is to emphasize how broad research can be.

“This is going to highlight all kinds of different research in different areas,” says Academic Affairs Associate Kasi Clifton.

Clifton hopes that Research Blitz will inspire other students to do their own research, and see the possibilities and opportunities that may come with it.

“We hope that it will pique that interest and spark more people to do undergraduate research.” Clifton said.

Each presenter will talk briefly on what they did their researcher on, show what they found, and tell what inspired their project.

All students are invited to attend the event. There will be refreshments offered after the presentations, and the event is a cultural credit.

Research Blitz will take place March 1. at 1 p.m. in the Sandridge Science Center in room 122. For more information, contact Clifton at keh3x@uvawise.edu

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