Our View: You can’t complain if you don’t vote

When we vote we win

Voting is not only a privilege here in the United States; it’s a duty.  It’s very important to vote in presidential elections, but local and midterm elections should also be held to that same standard.

Too often, citizens may believe that their vote doesn’t count, or that their opinions don’t matter. However, voting is the way to make sure that your voice is heard and the government carries out the will of the people.

Historically, some elections have been decided by a small number of votes.

According to Ballotpedia.org, in the 2005 Virginia Attorney General Election, former governor Bob McDonnnell won the race by just 323 votes out of over 1.9 million votes cast.

Being politically involved helps not only you, but also those who share your beliefs and opinions.

The apathy of young voters leads to our voices being ignored, which leads to more apathy among the voting base.

This is a vicious cycle that can be stopped by political involvement, especially via people of our generation voting and not allowing our voice to be marginalized among the voting community.

If you’re not registered, you can do so now at your local DMV, the Virginia Department of Elections office, or visit elections.virginia.gov for a detailed list of registrar locations.

The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming midterm election is Oct. 15, and the election will be held on Nov. 6.

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