Smart Thinking puts new twist on tutoring

UVa-Wise offers free tutoring to all students online through Smart-Thinking, which offers tutoring in over 25 subjects year round.

Senior P.A.S.S. Leader Alex Cantrell says that the tutoring service is available 24/7 and students can submit questions as well as do live tutoring.

Students can submit papers to tutors with graduate degrees who can give feedback and make suggestions.

Students will typically get a response within 24 hours.

Department Chair of Communication Studies Dr. Amy Clark has worked for Smart-Thinking and expanded on how she thinks students can best benefit from the service.

“The training their tutors go through is superb and based on cutting-edge research in writing instruction, so I know they’re well-prepared,” Clark said. She says that students can chose templates provided by the tutors and emphasize what they need help with.

Smart-Thinking is open to students across several majors such as economics, Spanish, biology, physics, writing, computer and technology, math, and more.

Also, students can access anytime videos, guides and tutorials available for every subject.

“I’m pleased that UVA-Wise offers this service to our students for free,” Clark said. “It’s another option, particularly in those areas where tutoring may not be widely available.”

The login information for Smart Thinking is:

Username – uvawise09tutor

Password – getaccess.

For more information on Smart-Thinking, or making an appointment with tutors on campus, email, or call (276) 328-0283.

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