New faculty join UVa-Wise in fall

WISE – The University of Virginia’s College at Wise welcomed new faculty members across several different majors at the beginning of this academic year.

Julia Weiss, joins the Communication Studies department this fall. Weiss  earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Buffalo University before earning her Ph.D. at West Virginia University. Weiss taught at both universities previously before joining the UVa-Wise faculty.

Julia Weiss
Julia Weiss

“I think when I was in college, I realized that I didn’t want to leave and teaching let me stay in that [the college] atmosphere,” Weiss said, “I chose Wise because I fell in love with the department.”

Weiss said that the previous schools she taught at had 26,000 students and she was teaching 200-student lectures.

“I had some smaller classes, I did. I liked those better because you can address each student’s needs,” Weiss said.

Professor Scott Cohen is a new assistant professor of accounting and business and has taught over 20 years from Indianapolis to France.

Cohen earned his MBA at Elon University, his masters in accounting at the University of Connecticut and his doctorate from the University of South Alabama.

“I felt young again,” Cohen said to explain why he became a professor, “You get to be around young people, when I went back to get my master’s, you know, you look around and when you’re that young you have your whole life ahead of you. I just wanted to be apart of something like that.”

“It looks like this school is going to play a very important part in the economic redevelopment here in Southwest Virginia,” Cohen said.

Other professors joining the UVa-Wise faculty are:


associate professor of history John Ashbrook

professor of Spanish and chair of the Language and Literature Department John Cull

instructor in Math Jennifer French

assistant professor of economics Mark Guglielmo

instructor in mathematics and Intervention Coordinator Angie Koester

assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation Shankar Naskar

instructor of computer science and Coordinator of Cybersecurity Programming Daniel Orr.

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