Campus foodbank set to open at UVA-Wise in fall 2018

WISE- Food insecurity is a concern for college students across the United States and UVa-Wise is no different. A plan was set into motion over a year ago to address this issue.

A foodbank is now being established in partner with the Committee on Student Homelessness, a committee made up of faculty and staff across campus. The foodbank will be a resource for residential and commuter students to help address food insecurity issues amongst UVa-Wise students

While residential students have meal plans, many of them who have to stay during breaks are left on their own to come up with funding to provide food for the extended break periods. Commuter students have to manage their budgets to be able to fund their nutritional needs. The food bank will serve to assist students with their needs.

The foodbank will be located in the housing and residence life office on the lower level of Cantrell Hall. The foodbank will have a variety of college friendly food staples and will operate based on donations received.

In addition, the foodbank will have some non-food items, including personal hygiene items, toiletries and academic supplies.

“The launching of a campus food bank will provide a needed service to our students, both residential and commuter, in making sure that students’ nutritional needs are met,” said College Director of Residence Life Joshua Justice, “This is an excellent community project that I hope the entire college community will support.”

The Student Government Association has been a strong supporter of the campus food bank, having allocated funds for shelving for the foodbank.

“The foodbank will need much more support if it is to thrive here on campus and will need the support of the entire community,” said Justice.

All food donations are welcome, but frozen or perishable items due to the majority of the UVa-Wise on-campus student population not having access to a full-service kitchen facility or only having microwave access. Donations can be taken to the Office of Housing and Residence in Cantrell Hall.

For more information, contact Joshua Justice at or Marcia Mitchell at

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