Circle K Intl. rechartered: Officers appointed; planning starts on fundraisers, community service projects

Circle K International (CKI), a student volunteer organization, which was originally chartered in 2015 was rechartered on Feb. 16.

On March 7 CKI appointed committee chairs and began discussion on future fundraising events.

At the last CKI meeting held on March 7, President Brittany Blakenship appointed the following members of the organization as chairs: Public Relations Committee Chairman Cameron Cowan, Social Committee Chairman Peter Valadez, Service Committee Chairman Sydney Rouss, Kiwanis Family Relations Committee Chairman Sydney Bates and Membership Development and Education Committee Chairman Ashley Woolridge.

Circle K International  is an international nonprofit organization that is located on college campuses across the world. The organization is student led and focuses on service to the community as well as the development of leadership skills.

CKI has already begun planning fundraisers and events to start giving back to the UVa-Wise and Wise community.

If you are interested in becoming apart of CKI, contact Brittany Blakenship at

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