Robertson featured in Times Square ad

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise’s Brittany Robertson will be displayed on a billboard in New York Times Square.

Robertson signed up to be a part of Lip Sense in January of 2017, Initially Robertson signed up to be a distributor to get a discount of the products.

Lip Sense held a contest seeking distributors to advertise for the products, Robertson decided to give it a go and ended up winning.

The video was a 30 second advertisement for the company featuring her and her family.

Robertson has been involved with Lip Sense for a year with her team of 160 women across the United States. DSC_0156

This is so weird for me to talk about because like I don’t, I mean unless people randomly found me via social media I don’t talk about this”, Robertson said.

The reason for her not talking about this is because it is direct marketing and she mentioned “direct marketing and direct sales sometimes gets a bad rep, myself included”.

Although, she states that direct marketing sometimes gets a bad rep, this has been a way for her to use what she teaches and talks about in the classroom to share the principals with her students.

It is something very independent that she does and she basically a small business owner and she can use what she does and apply these techniques and experiences to her students.

A communications professor at the college since January 2013, Robertson said she has built her business “from the ground up in terms of selling products but also growing a team.”

Robertson applies all of the strengths and weaknesses about running a small business in her business communications and public relations courses.

Being a humble and personal professor she helps to set her students up for success with hands on experiences and activates to learn from.

Not many people know about Robertson’s business so when teaching she mentioned that it not only is helping her students but also helping herself with what she can do better.

Robertson’s family is super excited but her kids are astatic to because the video is just as much about them then it is the product.

This experience has been fun for Robertson because she has done this video for a direct business in a non-direct way.

Robertson made sure throughout the interview that she does not tell people she runs this business for the most part.

It been so fun for me to incorporate kind of none traditional things in this type of business and one of those being my kids I much involve my family in the business and my kids are a huge part of the advertisement” explains Robertson.

Robertson also explained that she is shocked she won because the video is mainly about her being a busy mom and not about how great the product is.

In this video, she was trying to promote that it lasts all day for a busy mom who does not have time to reapply her make up.

The video is personable to how it works in her everyday life and not so much a direct ad about why you should buy their product.

Robertson “they are so excited and if they were not in it honestly I would not be going up there, I don’t care to see myself up in New York, I would much rather go to the beach.”

Although Robertson is not going to the beach she is excited because her kids are excited.

The Billboard Video will go live Monday March 19 in Times Square for a duration of two weeks.

Be sure to check out Robertson’s video on SceneGence Distributor News or in Times Square on 47th Street and 7th Avenue.

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