Help prevent theft on campus

Theft, it’s real and it happens on every campus.

A recent spate of thefts at the Gilliam Center for the Arts and the Sandridge Science Center earlier this semester brought that fact of life home to some UVa-Wise students when one or more individuals pilfered one student’s purse and another student’s backpack for several hundred dollars worth of electronics, cash and personal belongings.

Although UVa-Wise is a smaller college it is still a place were theft happens. One area that seems to have a lot of thefts is the science building.

During science labs many people are leaving their bags and other personal items outside of the classroom. This has resulted in a few items being stolen, such as wallets and tablets.

Science Department Chairwoman Dr. Margie Tucker is suggesting that students listen to the list of things they can’t bring into a lab such as food, drinks, makeup, and other things.

“If the students will follow the rules of what they can and cannot bring into a lab less thefts will happen because they will be able to take their bags in to the labs with them,” Tucker said.

Tucker also said that the lab classrooms aren’t very big and don’t have enough room for backpacks to be in the classroom without them being in the way.

While lockers and securable bins may seem to be a solution to leaving backpacks and bags outside lab areas, some professors say those options may be difficult due to space limitations in the science building.  Therefore, if lockers or bins are not possible then one must take other precautions.

UVa-Wise Campus Police Officer Jeremy Fleming also suggested “to keep all personal items with you always, and that if the labs are not allowing certain items into the lab then leave those items locked in a room or car, and out of plain site.”

So, go out and make sure to keep personal items on you, or locked up in a safe area to take one step closer to preventing theft.

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