Campus housing changes in store for ‘18-’19

Residential students of The University of Virginia’s College at Wise will have a wider variety of housing options for the 2018-2019 school year.

Both upperclassmen and freshmen now have extended options from what has been traditionally offered in the past.

McCraray Hall will now be open to both freshman and upperclassman.  This option provides upperclassman with more affordable housing.

Upperclassmen can also declare their room “single” in McCraray Hall at the normal rate plus a private room fee of $1,000 to declare the room “private”.

Not only do upperclassmen have the additional option to live in McCraray Hall, but freshman now have the options to live in Culbertson Hall, Martha Randolph Hall or Henson Hall along with the traditional options of Commonwealth or McCraray Halls.  Thompson and Asbury Halls will remain available to upperclassman only.

Josh Justice, Director of Residence Life, said that these are the same housing options provided as when he was a student at UVa-Wise around 2003.  The housing options of only freshman living in Commonwealth and McCraray Halls were due to the Quality Enhancement Plan that was put into place for SAX.

Now that the plan is no longer enforced at the college, Justice felt it was best for freshman to be integrated with upperclassmen.  Justice felt that a side effect to the QEP plan was that it was hard for freshmen to get “plugged in” their first year on campus due to the separation from upperclassman.

Freshmen do not have access to upperclassmen buildings, therefore they spend most of their time in their own residence hall where there are only other freshmen.  Having freshmen connected with upperclassmen through residence life will potentially increase their on campus involvement within their first year.

Justice said that a student gave the example of recruiting freshman for an intramural softball team will be easier, because they will live in the same building and can expand their connections to find more potential teammates.

“When I was a student here, students lived all over campus, not assigned to particular buildings, and that’s what you saw.  There was just a real sense of people getting plugged in.  People could get engaged from Greek Life to student activities and intramurals. It really helps to get them plugged into that college experience from day one,” said Justice.

Housing applications opened February 7th, and Justice said there has been a positive response to the changes so far.  There are upperclassman who have reserved private rooms in McCraray Hall.  Also, there are incoming freshman who have placed applications to try the suit style dorm room as well as the traditional freshman dorm.

This is also a positive aspect for recruiting, showing potential Cavalier students that they have plenty of options when selecting their first dorm room from style to price.

To sign up for housing, students can make their decision through the My UVa-Wise online housing portal.  Students will create a housing profile, select his or her building preference as well as requesting a potential roommate.  Housing is selected by a first come, first serve basis.

Any further questions or requests for information should be directed to the Office of Housing & Residence Life.

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