Walk2Campus, college housing officials explain policies on weapons, drugs

Since the arrests of two UVa-Wise students at Walk2Campus on drug and weapons charges in December, residents there and at UVa-Wise student housing may wonder what is allowed on these properties and the dorms on campus.

The UVa-Wise Guide to Campus Living policies for campus housing residents specify  what is and is not allowed in dorm rooms.

“Firearms are strictly forbidden,” said Director of Residence Life Joshua Justice. “Guns, fireworks of any kind, airsoft rifles, bb guns and ammunition are included.”

Any sort of drug use is also not tolerated in campus buildings, including tobacco use within 30 feet of a school building.

If illegal drugs or firearms are found in a dorm, campus police are called to confiscate the weapon or illegal substance and survey the situation to decide how to best deal with the incident.

Drug, alcohol and firearm violations go to the college Office of Conduct, Compliance, and Inclusion.

If the violation is enough to break a law in the state of Virginia, the local police department will be called to handle the issue.

Alcohol is not prohibited on campus, but first-year buildings, McCraray and Commonwealth halls are dry buildings where no alcohol is allowed. For the other buildings, as long as all residents are 21, alcohol in small quantities is allowed in the dorms.

“I want everyone to know we offer housing that is conducive to their education” said Justice. “We want them to feel safe, secure and welcome.”

“Everyone has a responsibility to help keep the campus safe,” Justice said. “If you see something, say something. We cannot address problems we do not know about.”

Walk2Campus chief operating officer Brad Hastings cited similar policies concerning drug and firearms in the Walk-To-Campus apartments.

Firearms and illegal drugs are prohibited to all residents of the apartments and the Walk-To-Campus team states that it is “saddened by the incident” that resulted in the arrest of the two UVa-Wise students.

“Walk-To-Campus is a community that looks out for one another, with a staff committed to keeping our residents safe,” said Hastings. “We will continue to actively manage our property to the highest standard and act swiftly when situations arise that are potential violations of our lease or illegal in nature.”

The Walk2Campus team credited the swift actions of law enforcement for handling the December situation effectively and keeping the other residents safe.

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