Cavs feeling good heading into season

The Highland Cavalier Women’s Lacrosse team begins its fourth year of play on Feb. 18.

After a three-win season in 2015, the team has had back to back seasons with over ten wins. Last season the Cavaliers went 4-1 in conference play and 12-5 overall, suffering a loss to Shepard University in the Mountain East Conference Tournament 17-6

There is a sense of confidence emitting from the team this year after a strong showing a year ago. “I feel really great” said junior midfielder, Kristin Gobbi. “I feel like we really have a strong connection, especially now that we have four full classes.”

“I think that really we’re just, hopefully going to dominate this year and I’m really excited” Gobbi went on to say.

“There is always room for improvement” Gobbi said, but one specific area of focus that she mentioned is communication.

“We do a good job of communicating” said Gobbi “but, I think we need to be louder and listen to each other.”

Fourth year Head Coach Megan Dennehy also commented on this being the Cavaliers first season with four classes represented on the roster, saying that “There will be more competition for starting spots.”

She also said that the preparation is staying similar to the routine in past seasons, with minimal changes as the 2018 season approaches. The team will be working hard for starting spots with experience being at a climax for the programs history.

The team is also preparing for the big moments down the stretch. Dennehy said that “we’re practicing with more intensity…. practicing like it’s the game.”

Since joining the NCAA, the Cavaliers have been a very consistent team, but the team is striving for more than that this season.

“We want to host” said Dennehy. “We were the third seed in 2016. We were the second seed last year. This season, we want to host.”

“I want our seniors to be able to attend graduation” said Dennehy, commenting on one of the perks of hosting.

The Cavaliers will battle Catawba College in the first game of their 2018 campaign. Last season Catawba posted a final overall record of 13-4 with one of those wins coming at home vs UVa-Wise. This season the Cavaliers have the home field advantage as the Indians travel to the mountains of Wise, Virginia to take on the Cavaliers.

When asked about preparations for the team’s first matchup against Catawba, Dennehy said “we need to start quicker. We started the game going down 3-0”. The team went on to lose that game by three with a final score of 12-9.

UVa-Wise will battle Catawba College Feb. 18 at 2 p.m.

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