Bus connects with car

The Cavalier Connection bus service made an unintended connection Jan. 15 with a student’s car bumper.

According to Campus Police Chief Ronnie Shortt, a Cavalier Connection bus driven by MEOC Transit driver Jessica Gilliam turned too sharply in the McCraray Hall parking lot at approximately 1 p.m. and clipped the bumper of an unoccupied parked car owned by UVa-Wise Criminal Justice senior Natalie Gilbert.

Gilbert said she was in line for lunch at Mondo’s when campus police called to inform her about the incident.

According to Shortt, Gilbert was legally parked and therefore the driver of the bus, Jessica Gilliam, was found at-fault for the accident.

Shortt said the accident was filed as a non-reportable accident because damages to the car’s rear bumper – a 2007 Honda Accord – were minimal.

If damage estimates for the Honda exceed $2000, then the accident will become reportable, Shortt said.

The shuttle bus received a streak from the bumper along the side that struck the Honda.

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