Cavalier Connection

Faculty, Staff, and Students please read!

Tired of walking in this kind of weather? Carrying too much to class? Check out Cavalier Connection, the new transit system on campus.

UVa-Wise is pleased to announce that in collaboration with MEOC Transit we have developed Cavalier Connection. Cavalier Connection is in the pilot stage now. It will run from 7:05 a.m. to 6:05 p.m. starting tomorrow January 10, 2018 and is available to students, faculty and staff.

Wed. 01/10/2018 – Fri. 01/12/2018 will be free for all students and Faculty/Staff.
After that you must buy a ride card from the bookstore. The cards cost $10 (Student or Faculty/Staff ID required) and provide you with 20 rides. That is just $.50 per ride.

The route runs as follows:

Pick-up location__________Pick-up time________Pull time
Cavalier housing__________7:05am____________7:10 am
Smiddy Hall Side Street____7:17 am___________7:20 am
Walk 2 Campus___________7:22 am___________7:27 am
Upper Commuter Lot______7:33 am___________7:38 am
Zhemer Lot_______________7:39 am___________7:43 am
Greear Gym (front doors)___7:45 am___________7:48 am
Smiddy Side Street________7:50 am___________7:52 am
McCraray Curve___________7:54 am___________7:57 am
Arts Center________________7:58 am___________8:00 am
Smiddy Side Street_________8:02 am___________8:04 am
Repeat Route

Each stop will repeat at the same time every hour.

Be on the lookout for signs with the Cavalier Connection logo

These signs represent the Pick-up locations for the Transit System.

Need to go off campus to shop or eat? Maybe don’t want to lose your parking spot? Have no fear, an off-campus route is coming soon! Until then just call 276-523-RIDE or 276-523-7433 give us 24 hours’ notice and catch a ride to your local destinations. All you need is the ride card that can be purchased at the Bookstore or use exact change.



Cavalier Connection graphic
Cavalier Connection graphic

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