SGA Hosts Fall Events

The Student Government Association is planning several campus events in the upcoming weeks.

Rather than hold commuter appreciation at a table below the commuter lot, the SGA has decided to have a table in the Books and Brew lounge on Nov. 6 serving breakfast and coffee.

With the inability to distinguish commuters from residents, the table may be open to all students.

“They can be looking for that, that will probably sometime within the next two weeks,” said SGA President Gray Hamilton.

The SGA is also planning a sleep out event on Nov. 16, where the organization will attempt to raise money for homelessness and awareness. Participants will be going around the community to local businesses and asking for pledges.

The goal is to try to make it through the night out in the cold. For more details and interest in participating, contact SGA Vice President Madison Compton.

A campus-wide event for World Kindness Day is also in the works, however, no specifics had been released at the time of interview.

Additionally, the SGA has been doing an extensive amount of community service and beneficial work to the college. During the Silver Saber student organizations competition, the SGA delivered more than 10,000 items on behalf of the college to the homeless shelter.

SGA also worked the concession stands at the Casting Crowns concert and raised almost $300 for charity. For National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, the SGA held a toy drive and delivered approximately 300 items.

The SGA is also in charge of allotments to different organizations. The Environmental Science Club received an allotment of $500 to build a pond outside the science center for both students and professors alike. Also, the Black History Month Committee received $1,000 in preparation of their events.

Student Government Association meetings are open to the public and held Fridays at 1 p.m. on the fifth floor of the Slemp Student Center.

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