No Trauma with P!nk’s album

Ushering in P!nk’s new album “Beautiful Trauma”  was the debut single “What About Us?” which has so far peaked at No. 23 on the Billboard Hot 100’s list (the artist’s twenty-third top-40 charting single) since its release on Aug. 10.

“Beautiful Trauma” is the pop diva’s seventh album and currently the top-grossing album of the year by a woman and the fourth top-grossing album of the year among all acts.

It is also P!nk’s second No. 1 album on the Billboard Top 200’s chart since “Funhouse” back in 2008.

The album comes after a five-year dry-spell since her previous album “The Truth About Love”, which debuted in 2012.

The thirteen tracks on the album encompass a wide variety of genres and styles exhibiting P!nk’s rustic vocal range including powerful anthem ballads such as the leading track “What About Us?”, “You Get My Love”, and “Whatever You Want”, nostalgic-depressive nods from “Barbies” and “For Now”.

Rocky-romances are found in “Revenge” (featuring Eminem), “But We Lost It” and “Better Life”, empowering motivators in “I Am Here”, “Secrets”, and “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”, and upbeat relationship difficulties in the title track “Beautiful Traumas” and “Where We Go”.

P!nk’s repertoire makes it difficult to distinguish between common themes of happiness, sadness, rebellion, compliance, love, and hate resolving in each track being brilliantly imbued with nodes of a range of emotions.

“Beautiful Trauma” is available for purchase on most media outlets, streaming services, and hardcopies can be ordered online or found at your local music retailer.

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