Henrietta Heartburn coming out of retirement to advise you!

Henrietta Heartburn returns from the depths of Highland Cavalier issues-past as a reboot of the classic advice column, 58 years after its conception.We are urging all students, faculty, and staff to submit questions and/or quandaries for Henrietta to answer with her “biased advice” in future issues to come!

You can submit your questions and/or quandaries to highlandcavalier@uvawise.edu or in the drop-box located on the Highland Cavalier office door on the third floor of the C. Bascom Slemp Student Center next to the Jimson Weed office.

No personal information will be disclosed in your submission or response; names may be changed to protect identity and maintain anonymity.

Let Henrietta answer the burning questions weighing on your heart, starting in the spring!

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