Goad speaks at Hill Day

Glenn Goad was the keynote speaker at this year’s Napoleon Hill Day hosted in the David J. Prior Convocation Center at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise on Oct. 23.  

Goad is the president of Centerfield Media, a marketing and sales technology company.  He graduated from J.J. Kelly High School here in Wise.

His father, a Wise county native, died when Goad was only 9 years old. Because his father was not there to provide for their family, Goad’s mother worked long hours, which left Goad in charge of maintaining the household.

He joined the Air Force at the age of 17 and said that it was the best experience that had ever happened to him. “What you learn in the classroom alone doesn’t separate you from the pack,” he said.

Goad talked to the group of high school students about the choices they will have to make in life and how to become successful. “Success is your own definition. If you don’t define it, you wont achieve, it.  Don’t be afraid to define it,” he says.

His formula for success was simple for students to follow: will, skill, and values.

His definition of will was the will power to get up in the mornings for work or school.  Goad stressed that not missing work or school resulted in a more successful work environment or school year.

Goad said, “You cannot get outsized income without outsized effort.” He stressed how important it was to put in the effort required to become successful at an early age saying, “it is difficult to make up lost effort late in life. Start the formula now.”

For Skill he told students to go out and find what they are good at, then never stop working to be better at it.  Goad said, “find the niche you want to be in and start learning.”  He encouraged students to never stop learning even after they go into the work force.  The non-stop learning process is how students become successful in Goad’s eyes.

Goad explained that values are basically respect for colleagues.  “Respect everyone you come in contact with.  If you had a country where everyone would show up and do that, we’d live in a better place.”

He talked about how he treats everyone the same in his company and said he expects all of his employees to do they same.  “If you want a successful company, you treat everyone the same and they will treat customers the same way.”

Goad told a personal story about his wife’s struggle after heart surgery, and because he was in a successful position, he was able to take time to be with his wife when she needed him.  “Time is the most valuable thing we can own.”

Goad left students with two thoughts he said were important to life success.  “If you’re afraid to lose you’ll never play” and “The choices you are making right now will dictate the choices you will make later in life.”

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