Fall semester enrollment numbers show declines

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise is looking at an overall decrease in fall enrollment from the two previous years.

Enrollment numbers have been finalized for the fall 2017 semester at UVa-Wise and, although the number of full time and part time students has increased by 117 students, the full-time equivalent enrollment has decreased by 9 percent from fall 2016.

College Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management Rusty Necessary said the decrease will mean a shift in budget funding from other student life areas so that the areas funded directly through student fees will not see any changes from the 2016-2017 year.

Clubs and organizations shouldn’t be affected for this semester, Necessary said. He added that student retention from fall to spring can affect the ability to meet the budget but it is too early to determine that situation.

Campus housing and dinning are part of college’s academic mission and the operational budget, Necessary said.  Fewer full time students affect dining and housing revenue, he said, and that reduces that source of budget funding.

The full-time enrollment numbers are determined by the total number of credit hours enrolled in by all students divided by 15 hours, which is the typical number of credit hours for a full time student under guidelines from the State Council on Higher Education.

Scott Bevins, Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Services, said that the FTE enrollment increased to 1,520 students in the fall of 2016 from the 1,489 students in 2015.  The full time enrollment numbers then decreased by 90 students from 2016 to 1,431 this fall.

The total headcount of both full time and part time students increased from 2,128 students in 2015 to 2,221 students in 2016, and then decreased to 2,099 students this fall.

The number of full time students has decreased over the past two years, and the number of part time students has increased.

Fifty-six percent of the budget is affected by enrollment.  If enrollment continues to decrease as it has for several years, budget changes could affect more student organizations.

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