Appalachian Feline Friends seeks volunteers for cat care, organizational support

Appalachian Feline Friends is an organization that works diligently to rescue as many cats as possible, especially kittens. The organization works to end euthanasia in local shelters and to develop regional spay and neuter programs to help in decreasing overpopulation.

“We work with conscientious people in the community trying to rescue strays or rehome cats from elderly people who haven’t made a plan for them,” said Wendy Welch, president of AFF. “We take in military cats if their people deploy; and we try to get all these cats adopted or sent to rescues in metropolitan areas with good adoption possibilities.”

AFF recently held a fundraiser at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise. Welch says that there is a possibility of another fundraiser at UVa-Wise with the Theater Department in the coming months.

Welch said that AFF is working on other fundraising plans to such as a Christmas Online Auction and a “sponsor a cat” fundraiser.  AFF is welcoming any volunteers to help with the upcoming events, she added.

AFF is also welcoming volunteers in helping with Hazel House, AFF’s shelter location where cats are held after being vetted, before going to adoption events or foster homes.

“We would love to have more students as individuals or with organizations work on fundraising and some of the other things we need done for Hazel House,” Welch said. “Admin or labor, take your pick.”

Appalachian Feline Friends welcomes donations on their website,

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