The Lone Bellow returns with third album ‘Walk into a Storm’

On Friday Sept. 15, The Lone Bellow released their third album, ‘Walk into a Storm’. The album release comes nearly two and a half years since the bands’ previous album ‘Then Came the Morning’.

The group consists of Zach Williams, Kanene Donehey Pipkin and Brian Elmquist who recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee after being based in New York for the last few years.

The Lone Bellow arose as a distraction of some sort for Williams. His wife had been injured in a serious accident and while waiting for her recovery he began writing songs to deal with the tragedy surrounding his wife.

‘Walk into a Storm’ is the perfect blend of fast and slow songs, all of which encompass the Americana sound I’ve always loved from the band. While some artists experiment with sounds different than their earlier work, that’s not the case on ‘Walk into a Storm’.

Each album from The Lone Bellow is filled with songs full of emotion and vulnerability, and this album is no exception to that.

The track “Deeper in the Water” is the perfect opener for the record. The single highlights the band’s captivating harmonies and hooked me from the start.

Pipkin’s mandolin at the beginning of the track sounds like the opening guitar riff of ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac, even though it’s brief.

Love and heartbreak are predominant themes throughout this album. The title track off the album, ‘Walk into a Storm’ packs a melancholy sound with lyrics that show the sacrifices you make for someone you love, even when it seems all odds are against you. ‘Is it Ever Gonna Be Easy’, ‘May You Be Well’ and ‘Come Break My Heart Again’ are all echoes of heartbreak and the feelings of frustration that come with it.

In 2015, The Lone Bellow was nominated by Americana Music Honors & Awards for Duo/Group of the year. I am hopeful ‘Walk into a Storm’ will gain some more recognition for the band, this album is proof they are deserving of it.

The Lone Bellow is currently on tour for the new album stops scheduled in 31 different cities across the country. The band will be in nearby Asheville, North Carolina on Sept. 29 and Knoxville, Tennessee on Nov. 1.

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