New Policies For Chalking, Posting Flyers

UVa-Wise student organizations will see new policies about how they can advertise events on campus this academic year.

The updated policy includes two common forms of advertising: flyers/posters and chalking messages on sidewalks and other surfaces.

According to the updates Student Life Organization Handbook, now online on the UVa-Wise website ( student clubs and organizations must follow these guidelines when posting flyers and posters on campus:

• Materials cannot be placed on areas or surfaces not intended for posting such as trees, lampposts, columns, trash bins, walls, railings, or glass windows or doors.

• Exceptions this may be approved only by The Office of Student Leadership and Greek Life or the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

• All materials posted must clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring College department, office, student organization, independent group, or outside organization.

• Posted materials cannot deface or damage campus surfaces by attachment with duct tape, nails and staples or by liquid cements or pastes used on cement surfaces.

• Alcoholic beverages may not be mentioned in any form of advertising or publication of a college function.

Campus organizations no longer have to get Student Board approval to post flyers meeting the news requirements this year, but those flyers will be removed on the first and fifteenth of each month regardless of timeliness or content.

Organizations will be responsible for reposting flyers as needed, even if the flyers need to be displayed for a prolonged period.

Postings that do not meet these guidelines will be removed regardless of the content or the sponsoring organization.

Organizations violating the policy could face the loss of future posting privileges, be liable for damages and/or cleanup costs from improper posting, have their funding and privileges impacted, or face disciplinary action.

Chalking – a common form of event advertising on campus –will also see new restrictions.

The Advertising and Publicity section of the Student Organization specifies that chalking may be done on exposed (not below roofs or overhangs) exterior concrete or asphalt sidewalks or walkways.

Chalking on brick, slate or other stone surfaces or on buildings or other structures of any kind is strictly prohibited. Non-permanent sidewalk chalk will be the only accepted type of chalk permitted for use.

Paints, spray or adhesive chalks, markers or inks also are prohibited.

For a full list of regulations and guidelines, read the Organizational Resources section of the online 2017-2018 Student Organization Handbook. For more information, contact Nathan Rasnake.

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