Letter To The Editor

Fellow Cavaliers,

Natalie Chapman
Natalie Chapman

In these final weeks of the semester, many important choices remain for us to make. We will choose to attend class, write papers and study for exams because we know from experience these to be the smart choices that will deliver us with the best possible outcomes.
What is harder to know, however, is which new SGA presidential candidate will be the smart choice to represent and serve us in the upcoming school year. To help you make your choice in this week’s election, I, presidential candidate Natalie Chapman, would like to share with you my qualifications, insight, vision and, most importantly, my passion for and about the presidency and our college.
Immediately upon my enrollment at UVa-Wise, I began looking for ways to engage beyond the classroom and my studies as an economics major. I knew that I wanted to make the most of my own college experience, while also serving my peers. That aspiration eventually earned me the positions of SGA Sophomore Senator, SGA Secretary, Highland Happenings Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor of the Highland Cavalier and Expedition Leader.
Serving in these roles has allowed me a great deal of insight into the needs and wants of the student body. I have worked for and with students to improve student life, campus communications, athletic event attendance, and overall campus satisfaction.
Next year, as your SGA president, I want to build on these improvements and expand beyond them. I will work diligently to improve campus dining, transportation, safety, events, and the relationship between the SGA and the student body.
I have served UVa-Wise because I love UVa-Wise, and I want to see us reach our full potential. If elected, I would put my heart and soul into making our humble college a better place to learn, live and love.
I sincerely believe that I am the smart choice for the 2017-2018 SGA presidency. I hope that you will agree.

With love,


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