Matt Beilis Plays UVa-Wise

The Student Activities Board welcomed singer-songwriter Matt Beilis to campus on Feb. 6.

Beilis is a New Jersey native who has recently been touring throughout the country performing both covers and original songs from his album “Famous”.

Beilis began playing piano when he was only three years old. His training in classical piano shines through in the music he plays today.

“I have been singing since I was 10 years old,” Beilis said. He has been a full-time musician for around three years.

Beilis played a cover of “Free Falling,” a song originally performed by Tom Petty and recently covered by John Mayer. When asked who some of his biggest influences were, Beilis said, “John Mayer, Sam Smith and John Legend.” He also credited classic rock as being a big influence on him growing up.

Beilis played 13 songs for UVa-Wise students, totaling an hour of playing time. His original songs range in topics from love to being proud of who you are and what makes you unique. The performer’s passion for music intertwined with a cheerful stage presence made the concert memorable for students.

“I am currently in the middle of an eight-day tour,” said Beilis. “Next month I will be on a month-long tour.”

The Student Activities Board’s next concert will be the Handsome Naked concert scheduled for Apr. 17.

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