UVa-Wise Housing Goes Online

Thanks to StarRez, UVa-Wise students can now avoid standing in line to apply for student housing.

The new system launched this month for new incoming freshman and launched for all students on Jan. 30.  StarRez provides an online means for students not only to apply for housing, but also to find potential roommates/select roommates and select their room.

Another perk for students is that the $150 application fee is eliminated.

“When students arrive in the fall, we have traditionally done paper RCRs, all that is going to be online now.  So, it really significantly moves all of our processes online now,” said College Director of Residence Life Josh Justice.

Students will be able to go through the college’s online portal – my.uvawise.edu – to the quick menu and select the Housing Portal Login icon to go to uvawise.starrezhousing.com.  Students use their college email, password and full college identification number on their Cavs Card to sign the housing contract.

Justice learned of the online system and of the convenience it provides for students at a conference last year.  He talked with colleagues from other Virginia colleges who were using StarRez and was really impressed by what they had to say about it.

The Office of Residence Life began the implementation process in May 2016, Justice and his team in Residence Life have been working on this online project ever since to provide both convenience and easy access to students.

Eager for the new system to go live, Justice said, “As students start using it and we get feedback, we’ll try to look at how we can improve.  How can we get out the kinks?  How can we improve it beyond just launching it?  We’re going to be looking at how we can make it even simpler.”

Another convenient aspect of the StarRez system is what Justice calls, “Eharmony for Roommates.” A student looking for a roommate simply answers the questions online and StarRez compiles a list of most compatible potential roommates.  At that point, students can message one of their potential roommates and find out more information about them.

The online housing portal will not only make registration easier, but it will even make Move-In Day more convenient through the Quick Check-In process.  Students will just have their Cavs Card scanned and all their information will pop up on the computer, and then they will be given their key.  This will eliminate the need for paper documents and save time.

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