Organizations Seek New Members

Now that classes have begun and students are getting back into the swing of college, Greek life at Wise has been looking for new members to bring into their organizations.

Throughout the week of January 16th, Greek organizations set up shop in the student center where they showcased their flags, paddles, pictures, and personal experiences with Greek life. Interested students made their way around the tables, where they briefly interviewed members of each Greek organization, in hopes that they find a splendid group of people who shared their interests. Recruitment was not limited to just the Student Center though. Meet the Greeks was held on the Tuesday evening in Cantrell.

Meet the Greeks was a warming experience for everyone who attended. The event displayed the unity that all of the Greek organizations possess. As one walked into the banquet hall, the sound of laughter and conversation filled the room. Sorority women gathered in groups to take pictures, while fraternity men showed off their corn hole skills.

Possible new members were invited to partake in games and dancing, which created a hospitable vibe throughout the evening, but all of the efforts to create a welcoming environment did not happen by chance though. Nathan Rasnake, the Assistant Director of Student Leadership & Greek Life at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise, has been making efforts to try different philanthropies regarding Greek recruitment.

For those who don’t know, Greek recruitment in the fall semester usually has more participants than the spring semester. That has been the trend for the past few semesters according to various members of different Greek organizations. One could speculate that many new members of Greek organizations are initiated as freshman in the fall semester of the academic year. Due to this, many fraternities and sororities try new ideas and events to attract possible new members in the Spring Semester, things like ice cream socials, pot-luck dinners, and bowling are all happening.

With all of this being said, the Greeks at Wise hope to see you around, and maybe even join them on one of the most life changing journeys the school has to offer.


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