Carter Tells Readers to Take the Wheel

For Rachel Lynn Carter, the past ten years counseling at UVa-Wise have been a time of prosperous personal and professional growth.

With the bold mission of creating a genuine sense of liberation in students’ lives, Carter has facilitated her skills to become the Director of the Center for Student Development, Napoleon Hill Scholars Program, adjunct professor of the “Keys to Success” course, a professional speaker and newly published author of the book, “Drive Yourself Successful: 11 Inner States to Personal Empowerment.”

Rachel Lynn Carter's new book "Drive Yourself Successful: 11 Inner States to Personal Empowerment" will be available in stores nationwide on May 9.
Rachel Lynn Carter’s new book “Drive Yourself Successful: 11 Inner States to Personal Empowerment” will be available in stores nationwide on May 9.

Rachel’s experience as a licensed professional counselor has equipped her with first-hand knowledge of what keeps people’s gearshifts stuck in park as well as what it takes to shift into drive. Thus, her book uses the analogy of driving a car to help people accelerate toward the life they desire. “Everyone faces adversity, but not everyone knows how to transform it into fuel for success,” Carter conveyed. “Many people give up at the first sign of defeat, not realizing that failure is one step closer to success.”

After facing challenging situations of her own throughout the nine years spent writing the book, Carter can attest to the power of overcoming obstacles that seem impossible. Carter recalls the moments when she would be reminded of the difficulties one must overcome to become a published author, but instead of letting the preconceived thoughts sway her away from achieving her goal, Carter kept her mind set on one thing: Success. “I am proud that I exhibited patience, persistence and determination to stick with my vision and see this to completion,” Carter stated. “I feel that this gives me a testimony of success to others who have a dream to achieve something despite the odds.”

As Carter worked toward the day she would become a published author, her life has expanded in multiple ways along the way, from the inspiring interactions she had with students to accepting the life’s timing. Carter describes the time spent writing as either “feast or famine,” which only furthered her understanding of patience rather than causing frustration. “I have come to trust the timing of life and that everything unfolds in a perfect order,” Carter added. “Those times that I felt unproductive in my writing actually created the perfect timing to align with the right publisher at the right time in my life.”

When Carter wasn’t writing her book, she spent countless hours researching how to become a published author, obtain an agent, book proposals, et cetera. Carter also spent this time building a platform via workshops and speaking engagements in various locations. “I really had no earthly idea how I would make this happen, and it seemed like such a daunting task during the process, but I continued to progress slowly, trusted the process and believed in my dream with my every ounce of being with a success consciousness that recognized no such thing as failure,” Carter said.

Nonetheless, within a week of sending her manuscript to Sound Wisdom Publishing, the company contacted Carter with a book deal. And just when her dreams became a reality, she knew exactly who to thank for this success. According to Carter, the dedication for her book is to “all the beautiful souls who had the courage to seek help and who entrusted [Carter] to serve as [their] counselor.” Recognizing that each one of her students taught her empathy, understanding, compassion and how to help make a positive difference in the lives of others, Carter gratefully acknowledges those who have enabled her to create this book and looks forward to sharing it with as many people as possible.

“Drive Yourself Successful: 11 Inner States to Personal Empowerment” is now available for pre-order at most online retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Amazon under the author name Rachel Lynn and will be available on bookshelves throughout the country come May 9.

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