Hill Scholars Collaborate On Presentations

Thriving off the enriching teachings from the renowned Napoleon Hill, twenty promising UVa-Wise scholars have spent the semester in collaboration with one another, strategically working on a plan to share Hill’s “Keys of Success” throughout Southwest Virginia.

With the mission of developing the leadership potential that resides in the minds of all students, the Napoleon Hill Foundation established a scholarship that would not only reduce the financial burden that accompanies a college degree, but also offer students an opportunity to enhance their college experience by uplifting the community with inspiration.

Napoleon Hill Day—Chad Hart, Zane Sturgill, Rachel Rose, Allie Robinson, Lindsey Tucker, Ning Zhou
Napoleon Hill Day—Chad Hart, Zane Sturgill, Rachel Rose, Allie Robinson, Lindsey Tucker, Ning Zhou

The Napoleon Hill Scholars program is under the leadership of Rachel Rose, who is also the Director of the Center for Student Development and a licensed professional counselor on campus. “I am grateful to work with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and with such a diverse group of students,” Rose said. “They aspire to help others and themselves achieve their optimal potential.”

Hill was born in 1883 in Pound, VA, located roughly fifteen miles from the UVa-Wise campus. By the time of Hill’s passing in 1970, he was a best-selling author with over 20 million copies of his personal-success book “Think and Grow Rich” sold. He was known for helping others and had a gift in bringing light to the hidden potential in others. As he famously said, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Hill treasured the power of positive thought and the effects it can bring. To honor his philosophy, the Napoleon Hill Foundation was established, which brought rise to the Napoleon Hill Scholarship.

The $2,100-per-semester scholarship is awarded to students that meet the requirements of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Each r

Lebanon High School—Korey Purtee and Rachel Austin
Lebanon High School—Korey Purtee and Rachel Austin

ecipient is required to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA, participate in Mastermind meetings, facilitate a minimum of four community presentations per semester and take the “Keys to Success” course taught by Rose.

Derived from Hill’s principle of the Mastermind Alliance, which is “two or more minds working together in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite object,” the Napoleon Hill scholars assemble their meetings by working together toward their shared goal of improving the lives of others.

According to Rose, “these meetings foster personal and professional growth, goal setting skills, accountability, strong peer relationships, support and learning of Napoleon Hill’s principles.”

The Mastermind meetings are comprised of two groups. The first group’s statement of purpose is “to uplift, inspire, encourage and engage the on and off-campus community by challenging others to seek their passion and use their utmost di

Napoleon Hill Mastermind Group #1
Napoleon Hill Mastermind Group #1

ligence to discover their drive toward the attainment of success.”

In synchronization with Group 1, the second group also aims to create an impact on others. “As dedicated students at UVa-Wise, through our accountability and honesty, we aspire to evolve into an inclusive group of individuals working together for the common goal of making a positive difference in the world,” Group 2 voiced.

This semester, the groups are scheduled to have thirteen presentations, such as teaching a leadership class at Flatwood Job Corps, holding retreats for at-risk youth and high school student leadership organizations, among other endeavors.

Time spent preparing, researching and working to make a difference has proven to be of great use to the scholars when sharing Hill’s “Keys to Success.” For the scholars, being a part of the organization and spreading influential messages has left them with an astounding amount of gratitude, skills and experience.

“Through my experience with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, I have found the environment to be unparalleled to any other organization in which I have participated in,” said UVa-Wise senior, Gary Deel.

“The program is a wonderful experience,” Zac Cooper agreed. “Being a scholar has taught me how to improve others, including myself and the community.” For senior biochemistry major Sarah Hall, the program has provided her “with personal growth, a sense of direction and a greater meaning of success.”

Applications for the 2017-2018 Napoleon Hill Scholarship will be accepted in April 2017. For more information about the organization, as well as inquiries about scheduling a scholar’s presentation, please contact Rachel Rose at rlb7q@uvawise. edu.

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