Have It Your Way – On Your Plan

Chartwells accommodates dietary requests; holds line on unlimited plan use.

The majority of students at UVa-Wise have purchased a meal plan and use it for each of their three daily meals.  While Chartwells provides students with a wide variety of dining options, students still question why there aren’t as many gluten-free options for those with medical issues or personal dietary choices.  

Director of Dining Services, Brett Lawson had a fairly surprising response to this issue because most students aren’t aware of their full accommodations. “If students have an issue with the variety of food in the dining hall,” Lawson explained, “they can ask one of the cooks to make them a gluten free or vegetarian item instead.”  

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone can personally request something that isn’t on the menu daily, but if the dining hall is serving hamburgers and a student would like a veggie burger, dining services is more than happy to meet this accommodation and see that the student receives a meal they are comfortable with and matches their needs and beliefs.

Also, many students are questioning the strict policies this semester involving students swiping their Cavs Card for others. Lawson was eager to set the record straight and explain that since the dining services now offer freshman the “Unlimited Plan,” they have to be more strict about who swipes for who.  

“From a business standpoint, we would lose money if we allowed a freshman with an Unlimited Plan to swipe for whoever they wanted; we would be giving away free meals,” Lawson added.  

Some students may argue that since they paid for the meal plan, they can use it in whichever way they want, however, there is no way to distinguish someone using an unlimited plan from someone who bought a block of meals.  Therefore, while some students feel that this mandate isn’t fair, Lawson provides a professional and reasonable answer to both complaints most students have with the dining services.  

Lawson also encourages students who have a complaint or question to come to his office and talk with him.  He says that the only way to continue to improve the dining services on campus is to receive feedback and criticism from the facility and students.  

While there are some things that need to be tweaked, the dining services here at UVa-Wise are improving daily to accommodate every student and faculties’ needs.

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