The UVa-Wise Theatre Department’s production of José Rivera’s Marisol finishes its 5 show run with 8pm performances on Friday, Nov 4, and Saturday, Nov 5, in the Black Box Theatre in the Gilliam Center for the Arts.

Directed by Michael McNulty, Marisol combines magical realism with the absurd as the title character, portrayed by senior theatre major Jessica Mullins, faces a Biblically subversive apocalypse in New York City. She is alone; her guardian angel, junior theatre major Aleeya Bruington, has left Marisol in order to fight against God in the heavenly war. Marisol tries to cling to the remnants of normalcy with her friend and coworker, June (Union High School junior Mollie Weitzman). However, June’s mentally unstable brother, Lenny, played by junior theatre minor Lorraine Dresch, seems to make this impossible. Marisol must survive this feverish world and its terrifying and mysterious inhabitants, portrayed by Jake Hill, Andy Gilliam, Mauren Cofield, Laken Branson, Crystal Taylor and Dru Stewart.

The apostate angels fire Uzis at their senile God in the chaotic atmosphere. There are brilliant pyrotechnics terrifying the destitute inhabitants. There is fog, snow and flashing lights. There are Nazis, homeless people and angels. The moon has disappeared. Food and people turn to pure salt. No one knows who to trust, and “how, oh how, was I ever gonna replace my lost Citibank MasterCard?”

Perhaps there is no moral of the story. Maybe the rebels die and all hope is lost. Or maybe, just maybe, Marisol will surprise you.

*Performances are Nov 4 and 5 at 8pm in the Black Box Theatre. Tickets are free with UVa-Wise ID and $5 for the public. Show contains mature language and situations, strobe lighting and loud noises. For more information, contact Michael McNulty at*

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