Statement by Morgan Griffith, Republican Congressional Candidate for the 9th District of Virginia

Looking around our part of Virginia, we see businesses cutting back and/or shutting their doors, farmers worried about new regulations, real unemployment reaching new highs and student debt crippling our recent college graduates.

Further, due to the negative impact on a large number of families in our area from the rising costs of health insurance, deductibles and copays, there is a sense that our nation is on the wrong track. Most of this, in my opinion, can be laid at the feet of the administration of Barack Obama and his allies in Washington.

To increase jobs, not only in the 9th District but also across the country, we need to promote a true “all-of-the-above” energy policy to keep and create manufacturing jobs. This will bring jobs back to the United States. Last spring, representatives of the Department of Energy spoke at a symposium I sponsored on the campus of UVA-Wise and made it clear that clean coal can be a reality. These officials advocated research parity/equality between renewable fuels and fossil fuels.

We also need to restore constitutional government and the rule of law in the United States. In my view, too many Democrats view the constitution as a problem, not a governing document revered around the world. Obama administration agencies often ignore Constitutional separation of powers and twist the words of the law without regard to their plain meaning and intent of Congress.

In addition to failing to follow Constitutional precepts, the recent revelations of abuse of power by the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the president’s secretive involvement in the Clinton email scandal are stunning. These revelations indicate a, hopefully, short-term abandonment of the principle that this nation is a nation of laws, not of men.

This administration has also set free known terrorists from Guantanamo, some of whom may return to assisting Al Qaeda and other terror groups. Such actions fly in the face of common sense and national self-interest and are in direct contravention of limitations passed by Congress.

We need a representative in Congress committed to defending the Constitution, restoring the rule of law and restoring the principle that no man or woman is above the law no matter who the president is. I am striving to be that kind of representative.

Good jobs. Affordable energy. Less government. More freedom. I’ve spent my entire adult life fighting for these ideas, and I’ll keep fighting for them as your Congressman.

Submitted by Morgan Griffith, Republican Congressional Candidate for the 9th District of Virginia.

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