What’s The Deal With Parking Decals?

Most college students know the gut wrenching feeling that comes when they see a white piece of paper on their windshield after a long walk back to their car on a stressful day.

Some students decide to try to cheat the system by not purchasing a parking decal, while others begrudgingly pay the $80 and hope their financial aid will cover it.

We can all agree that this is frustrating to say the least. While students here don’t necessarily understand the purpose in such high costs and strict rules, there are some important benefits in purchasing a decal.

Police Chief Ronnie Shortt was happy to answer some frequently asked questions by the students here at UVa-Wise. When asked why students and faculty need parking decals, Chief Shortt explained that we need these for security purposes.  “The police need to be able to track vehicles that are on campus,” said Shortt.   

Furthermore, when asked where the money from parking decals and tickets goes to, he explained that all of the money goes into an account called Parking and Transportation. This account is used to help with the upkeep of the parking lots on campus. Chief Shortt mentioned the $125,000 expense of paving the commuter lot located on the upper side of campus, saying, “As the money becomes available, we will continue to improve that lot and make it bigger for students.” Shortt also explained that the college does not receive state money for the upkeep of these lots, therefore the money has to come from the Parking and Transportation account.  

Students do not necessarily understand that campus police are not trying to benefit themselves by making students pay such a hefty price for parking decals. They are only trying to make the campus as safe as possible. So instead of resenting campus police for those white slips after a stressful day of class, we should be thankful that our police are working hard to keep our campus safe and secure.   

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