Upcoming Lectures

All are approved for cultural activity credit


Sept. 30 – Rhododendron Room

Brian McKnight, “Election of 1828”

The culmination of charges against Henry Clay and J.Q. Adams for their “corrupt bargain” of 1824, this election saw the elevation of war hero Andrew Jackson to the first of his two terms.


Oct. 7 – Science 122

Preston Mitchell, “Election of 1896”

The famous “cross of gold” election in which sober businessman William McKinley took on fiery populist William Jennings Bryan.


Oct. 21 – Rhododendron Room

Jennifer Murray, “Election of 1960”

Nixon v. Kennedy in the first election in which television played a prominent role.


Oct. 28 – Science 122

Cindy Wilkey, “Election of 1980”

Reagan v. Carter. What was the impact of independent candidate John Anderson, a moderate Republican?


Nov. 4 – Rhododendron Room

David Klocek, “Election of 1940”

The series closes with a look back at the election of 1940: could Democrat FDR win an unprecedented third term and could the U.S. stay out of war? And were Republicans becoming out-of-touch and unable to offer the type of leadership that the country wanted in a critical time?

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