Election Results Are In

UVa-Wise’s Student Government Association and Honor Court wrapped up their fall elections and are now set to welcome several new faces into their organizations.

Assuming the role of SGA freshman senators are Breanna Napier and Kaylyn Falin, SGA senator-at-large is sophomore Abigail Church, and Honor Court freshman representatives are Kayla Mullins and Logan Baker.

Breanna Napier, 18, of Blackwater, Virginia decided to attend UVa-Wise due to its proximity to her hometown and excellent nursing program, which she plans to apply to once she is eligible. She credits her sister, Desiree Napier, who is currently serving as a junior senator on SGA, for motivating her to run for the position of freshman senator. In her new role, Napier hopes to make a difference for her incoming class through her voting decisions and involvement in SGA sponsored events, all while keeping an open mind, level head and great attitude. Ultimately, Breanna aspires to help unify her class with the rest of the student body.

Kaylyn Falin, 18, of Big Stone Gap, Virginia chose to attend UVa-Wise because of the small-town atmosphere, the college’s low student-to-teacher ratio, and for the caring, respectful and resourceful faculty. As for her motivation to pursue the freshman senator position, Falin thanks her now companion freshman senator, Breanna Napier, for encouraging her to become more involved at UVa-Wise and is now excited to work alongside her in their shared desire of bettering the student body. Her goals for the year will involve making UVa-Wise an even more inviting place for freshman, and also for the region.

“Another major goal is to really push for an increased amount of school spirit among all classes and ages! I really love the atmosphere that surrounds our athletic events, and I hope to spread that energetic atmosphere with not only the student body, but also the surrounding communities,” Falin said. In addition to serving as freshman senator, Kaylyn is also a member of the Marching Highland Cavaliers.

Abigail Church, 19, of Wise, Virginia saw UVa-Wise as a good fit for her because she yearned for a small school experience. She sought out the position of senator-at-large due to her desires to become more active on campus and voice her opinions on how to improve UVa-Wise. In this role, Church hopes to address the concerns and needs of the entire student population (not limited to a specific class) and to grow her leadership skills. Aside from her senator-at-large position, Church currently serves as a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Colleges Against Cancer and is a Student Ambassador and former Expedition Leader.

Logan Baker, 18, of Clintwood, Virginia accepted to attend UVa-Wise after first attending the Early College Academy offered by the college to local high school seniors. During his time in this program, Baker fell in love with UVa-Wise’s supportive college community, professors and the campus. He felt the need to run for a freshman position on UVa-Wise’s Honor Court to help uphold the strict honor system that is in place here, which he believes is the foundation of our institution.

“It is my goal in my new position to help maintain the integrity of our institution, and as a proud division of the University of Virginia, it is our duty to maintain the rigorous honor system set forth by Thomas Jefferson,” he said. Baker also believes that this new role will help him become a more responsible, mature and professional individual. He is a member of the Pre-Professional Club, the LGBTA Society and works as a chemistry lab assistant and tutor to the Early College Academy students, as well as a student assistant for the history department.

Kayla Mullins, 18, of Clintwood, Virginia also attended UVa-Wise during her senior year of high school through the Early College Academy, and it was also through this program that she fell in love with UVa-Wise and envisioned herself spending the next four years of her life here. Because of her deep love for the college, Mullins wanted to become as involved on campus as possible, and viewed the open freshman position on Honor Court as a great way to do so. In this position, she hopes to promote the Honor Code and encourage students to abide by their honor and complete their own work so that they may meet their full potential. Mullins is also a member of the Pre-Professional Club and works as a chemistry tutor for students of the Early College Academy.

In addition to these student-elected individuals, the SGA has and will continue to make appointments to assume remaining unfilled positions.

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