Return of Highland Happenings

The students have spoken and the Student Government Association has listened.

A former campus favorite, the Highland Happenings newsletter, returned under the guidance of the SGA this year!

Once a daily newsletter sent out on behalf of the Office of Student Life, Highland Happenings was a valuable tool that helped students become aware of events and happenings on campus. For the past few semesters, however, Highland Happenings has been noticeably absent from students’ inboxes. This absence was largely due to faculty and position changes within that office.

Without the help of Highland Happenings, students have been made aware of campus events via email for each individual program to take place. This method of publicity has prompted students to voice complaints such as overcrowding of email inboxes and difficulty keeping track of specific event dates and details. Having both heard and experienced these complaints for themselves, the Student Government Association, under the guidance of President Cassidy Strange, has taken measures to reinvent the Highland Happenings newsletter for the 2016-2017 school year.

Though similar to the previous newsletter, the new Highland Happenings has a handful of differences. Now a student organized and ran service, Highland Happenings will be released only once a week on Monday mornings and will contain campus events occurring each day for the remainder of that week. These changes were brought about to reduce inbox clutter and to serve as a single, reliable reference point to keep up to date with events. Another new feature is the Highland Happenings Revision Page. This page can be accessed by a link at the bottom of every newsletter and will include updated information about the scheduled events, such as time, location and detail changes.

Students and faculty can now submit their organization’s events by completing the Highland Happenings form under the SGA section of UVa-Wise’s homepage. Forms must be submitted the week prior to the event and by no later than 5 p.m. on Friday of that week. Questions and comments can be directed to the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief Natalie Chapman by email at

Students, keep an eye on your inboxes because Highland Happenings is back!

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